The Catherine Mayer Foundation


(Let Art Unleash Great Happiness)


The L.A.U.G.H. Program seeks to reach out and offer those in need - be it economic, social, or medical - both young and old, the opportunity and experience to express, energize and excite their inner being through creative expression.

It is through art that we gain a broad view and lift ourselves out of our daily concerns. The arts make a significant contribution both to the development of our intellectual capacity and to our human understanding of sharing, love, and compassion.

This foundation is dedicated to coordinating all of the art forms - visual arts, music, dance and movement, as well as writing - to create significant interactive results.

It is this combination and interaction of multi-sensory art forms that makes The LAUGH Programs unique and incredibly effective in creating positive energies in the participants.

Catherine Mayer believes in the power of creativity and its essential place in everyday life - its ability to open and connect the mind and spirit to anything and to anyone. This foundation is the result of many years spent in the effort and coordination to make the dream of these programs become a reality.

Mayer's artwork focuses on the individuality of each moment - impacting the environment and the viewer simultaneously. Her personal style reflects unique energy, movement and gesture. One of her most recent works, Ambient Artâ„¢ is a multi-sensory art system to evoke positive energies and has found acclaim and recognition for its calming impact when placed within healthcare settings, as well as other environments.

Mayer's work has been internationally recognized. Her diverse body of creative work has been privately and corporately commissioned.

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